World travel is seen by most people as a luxury for millionaires. It has certainly been a few decades ago, but nowadays almost everybody can travel around the world thanks to the development of transport and the improved tourism infrastructure of distant countries. Of course, this is not a cheap thing yet, but with a decent choice of route and destination, with some minor compromises on the sites and the renunciation of luxury, an average person can realize his dream of reaching all continents of the world on a world-wide journey.

Since a world-wide trip can be realized from a few million forints its price can even be created from a personal payday loan. Of course, there is no need for anyone to travel around the world, but one may think that they want to sacrifice – either from savings or from credit. If you take out a loan to travel, have fun, it is by no means a rational choice or a responsible decision , but there may be a reason for someone to do so and the opportunity is added.

Free-use personal payday loans are characterized by the fact that the lending banks and service providers only examine the creditworthiness of the debtor, not the purpose of the loan. If the debtor has a stable and adequate amount of income that is likely to be able to pay the installments, the lender will make the loan. After the disbursement, the debtor can use the loan received arbitrarily, at his discretion, he can do anything with it.

That is, you can even travel around the world on credit, but before you decide , we will show you what aspects to consider next to or against it!


1. Traveling will be more expensive

1. Traveling will be more expensive

Since all loans have a price – and moreover, a personal payday loan is the most expensive type of loan – you should expect that your loan-financed trip will cost you more money. For example, for a trip of 3 million forints, you need to take out a loan of 3 million forints, but you will have to pay more for this (depending on the interest rate). In other words, the cost of traveling will be higher than the amount of money spent on the journey – this is the most repayable amount for loans.


2. The price should be paid in the long run

The repayment of a multi-million forint loan will be a heavy burden every month for months. That is, the one-time cost of the trip, though in smaller installments, but for a long time. This means that during this period you will have less disposable income, you will have to give up other things in return for the experience of your previous trip, and you will have less room for maneuver in case of trouble.


3. You have to pay off immediately without any income

2. The price should be paid in the long run

There is so much to see in a world road that luckily lasts for a long time, even months. However, the repayment of the loan must start after the disbursement, ie the monthly installment will become an extra cost during the trip. And if you go on a long-term trip to the world to pay for unpaid leave or schedule a job change, you will not have any income, so you can only pay the installments out of your savings.



1. Realizing the dream

There are some who have a dream come true with a world-wide road that they do not regret to sacrifice. In this case, it may be reasonable to go out of the credit on the basis of their own preference, as the journey is always the way to go. However, in this case, it is also necessary to have a responsible foreseeing the repayment of the loan and to consider whether it would rather save the price of the trip in advance.


2. The easiest way to raise money

1. Realizing the dream

Getting a personal payday loan is very easy if you have a stable job and a good amount of income, you can get a loan quickly and easily. Conversely, the same amount of money will be spent in the long years (just like repaying the loan). Thanks to the loan, money is immediately available for travel.


3. You can start right away

After the loan has been disbursed, you can immediately book your accommodation and tickets, and you can immediately start the necessary money in your pocket. If you don’t have time to wait until you have enough money to do it, but you want to fulfill your dream of traveling – for example in your career or private life before a more serious commitment, and you think that you wouldn’t have such a good chance in your life later – you may also want to apply for a personal payday loan.

In any case, consider whether you can afford to borrow at all and what the consequences will be for your financial situation .

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