Don’t do things by halves. You get a loan for house renovation and energy renovation at 0.75 percent APR.

Appropriately financed, the renovation of the house can be of low interest in any size and despite a weaker credit rating. You will find an overview of currently relevant loan options, from the subsidized renovation loan to problem financing, below.

Home renovation loan – energetic renovation

Home renovation loan - energetic renovation

A home renovation loan primarily serves to preserve the value of home ownership. In contrast to superficial cosmetic repairs, home ownership should not only be “nicely prepared”, but solidly prepared for the future. So what could be more obvious than to combine the renovation with a fundamental renovation of partial areas or the entire living space?

A later inviting ambience does not conflict with the energy saving. A renovation loan is recommended for all measures of energetic renovation, as well as the subsequent restoration of the “habitable” condition. For example, Best bank loans 151 or 152 would be eligible for public funding. Best bank provides up to $ 100,000 credit per residential unit as part of the program – energy-efficient refurbishment.

On the one hand, the interest rates speak for the loan for the house renovation and energetic renovation of Best bank. The loans would currently be granted 0.75 percent APR. (Fixed interest rate 10 years, maximum term 30 years). The second tangible reason is the repayment subsidies. The 430 program supports private individuals with a maximum grant of up to $ 30,000.

Age-appropriate remodeling – house renovation with a view to old age

Age-appropriate remodeling - house renovation with a view to old age

Your own home counts as one of the most popular forms of retirement provision. With the “paid roof over your head”, even the statutory pension is sufficient for a dignified retirement. Unfortunately, the living space was not always designed in such a way that seniors can use their home ownership into old age. Age-related restrictions would have to be compensated for if structural changes remove barriers.

Again, it is a Best bank offer that gives access to particularly low-interest loans for home renovation with the goal of accessibility. The loan program 159 offers cheap 0.75 percent APR. A maximum of up to $ 50,000 loan per housing unit should be applied for. Best bank does not set an age limit for lending.

Credit application and stumbling blocks – public promotional loan

Credit application and stumbling blocks - public promotional loan

Unfortunately, publicly funded loans cannot be applied for directly from Best bank. Any regional or national partner bank would be the contact for credit requests. Unfortunately, the procedure for publicly funded loans is not entirely unbureaucratic. Starting with the energy consultant, checking the implementation of the requirements, Best bank determines every detail.

In addition, submitting the loan application for smaller loan requests can be problematic. The commercial bank receives only a small commission, but takes over the entire credit process. If the loan is too small, the effort for the bank simply does not pay off. Just buying material and doing it yourself becomes a boomerang too. Without the signature of a specialist company, it is difficult to prove the professional implementation of the work.

House renovation – flexible and low interest

House renovation - flexible and low interest

For home renovation within a manageable credit line and with a lot of personal contribution, alternatives to the promotional loan are recommended. A modernization loan could cover the renovation costs at low interest and without a land register. For borrowers with property ownership, the property and house secure credit requests, even if the bank is not in the land register.

Current modernization loans, for borrowers with good credit ratings, are at an interest level of just above or below three percent APR. Home renovation loans are granted for a specific purpose, but most credit institutions give a lot of leeway when it comes to loan use. Most of the time, simple evidence that the money has flowed directly or indirectly into the property is sufficient.

If there is money left at the end of the renovation, the loan for the house renovation can usually flow into the facility without any problems. For example, a high-quality fitted kitchen increases the value of the house. It is practically not easy to sell and reinstall, but is an integral part of the house. The usual earmarking of a modern renovation loan does not even speak against the new furniture for the living room.

The connected free loan comparison provides, for example, the interest comparison and an overview of relevant credit providers.

Renovation despite buying property – house renovation as problem financing

Renovation despite buying property - house renovation as problem financing

Very good creditworthiness is unfortunately not always the “credo” of every renovation loan for homeowners. In the first period after buying a house, the creditworthiness is still heavily affected by the acquisition of property. It is not uncommon for renovation measures to be excluded from purchase financing so that the lowest possible mortgage rates can be taken advantage of. Unfortunately, this decision often turns out to be a horse’s foot later.

Due to the existing high liabilities, banks react unexpectedly reserved. Depending on how close the personal credit line has already come, a loan rejection could even be expected. Nevertheless, the loan required for home renovation often does not tolerate a delay. In this difficult situation, serious credit brokerage can often solve the credit problem. Only the trust in credit intermediaries is not great among the population.

Astro Finance offers serious credit brokerage, completely without scandals and still successful. Without charging borrowers a finder’s fee, Astro Finance could provide the right bank loan via loan comparison. In really difficult situations, Astro Finance also enables high-quality personal loans. Fair interest, on a home renovation loan despite a weakened credit rating, is commonplace at Astro Finance.